Lower Back Tattoo Designs - Most Popular Choice



For many years, it was not considered socially acceptable for women to have tattoos. But with the advent of lower back tattoo designs and other body art geared towards the female form, these taboos have changed.

During the past few decades, the demand for tattoos among women has increased dramatically. It was during the 1990s in particular that the lower back emerged as a logical spot for tattoos, and it has become one of the most highly tattooed parts of the female anatomy.

Lower back tattoos are often associated with sexuality, as they emphasize the curvy nature of a woman's figure. They are inked to follow the slope of the back on either side of the spine, and they work particularly well for females because they suit the wideness of the hips.

Tattoos on the lower back can range from intricate tribal designs or creative symmetrical shapes to actual pictorial images that are photographic in nature. These multicolor elements can comprise either part of the design or the entire tattoo itself.

Some of the more popular designs requested for lower back designs include tribal patterns, floral collections, hearts, roses, depictions of the sun and planets, pairs of wings, and images of the lotus seed. Women have also begun to explore traditionally male-oriented art, including dragons, Harley art, and Native American designs. Many girls who get a tattoo on their lower back for the first time come back to have it augmented or to get an additional tattoo on another part of their body.

Women admit to liking tattoos on the lower back for many reasons. Tattoos of this nature are touted as fun tattoos to show off, especially with the trend of current fashions. Low cut bathing suits, low to mid-rise jeans, and other lowrider pants contribute to the image of sexiness that has been facilitated by lower back tattoos.

Another positive aspect afforded by tattoos on the lower back is that the available space lends itself to large, intricate designs. The wearer has the freedom of choice. Also, the lower back is a spot on the body that does not change much with age or weight so the design will remain consistent over time.

Overall, lower back tattoo designs have really opened the door of opportunity for women to have large tattoos. Viewed as an asset of sensuality and a tool to enhance feminine beauty, the tapestry of the lower back will continue to be bared for the sake of art.

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