Pet Health Insurance - Coverage For The Whole Family

Pet Health Insurance - Coverage For The Whole Family

Everyone knows that you have to keep all the humans in your family insured, but what about your furry little family members? What if Fido should develop some chronic illness, or the family kitty get in a scrape with a neighborhood tomcat and need medical attention?

It hasn't occurred to most people to get their pets insured. But for many of us, our animal family members are just as precious as our human ones.

Who Should Get Pet Insurance?

While animal vet visits are not such a big expense (not anywhere near doctor visits), an extended hospital stay or surgery due to an unforeseen accident can be very costly. Pet insurance is designed to cover accidents and injuries.

Most standard pet insurance covers dogs and cats. Companies don't mean to discriminate against all those bird, snake, mouse, gerbil, iguana and ferret owners out there; it's just that dogs and cats are the most common pets that need insurance. Some companies cover "exotic" animals as well, so whatever kind of pet you have, you can definitely find pet insurance somewhere.

Where Can I Get Pet Insurance?

Unlike human health insurance, you can often buy pet health insurance from your local veterinarian. Your vet keeps records about your particular pet's medical history, so the process of applying for insurance is simple.

Your vet is the one you know and trust, so it makes sense that they are probably the best choice for your pet's insurance. Still, read the policy's small print carefully. Plans vary widely, so make sure you're well-informed about the plan you decide on.

How Does It Work?

There are as many different plans as pets. While some plans cover only accidents, there are policies that cover both accidents and illnesses.

Pet health insurance plans are much cheaper than human plans. Usually, you can get premiums in the neighborhood of $20 a month or less. Some policies are under $10. Pet health insurance policies are usually designed to cover accidents, injuries, and illnesses, so they usually carry a low premium and higher deductibles.

The deductibles depend entirely on your plan, and they vary widely. Compared to human health insurance, you will probably pay higher deductibles. But, remember that animal health care costs are less than humans, so it balances out.

What Factors Influence The Rate?

Your 14-year-old family pooch is going to carry higher premiums than the sprightly little kitten you just bought. Like human insurance, age makes a big difference in your pet's health risks. But, you may find that the difference is not as great between an older and a younger pet.

Most plans give you a discount if you insure more than one pet. So, if you have a whole jungle full of wild animals living at your house, you can carry them all under the same plan and save money.

Some pet health insurance policies cover grooming costs and obedience training for dogs, our most fawned over and babied furry friends. If you have a rare breed or plan to enter your dog in a dog show, you might want to look for a policy like this. It will cost you more but will be well worth it in the end.

Your family pets are important, and you want to make sure you are covered in case anything unfortunate happens. Pet health insurance is available from your local vet, and premiums are usually quite low.

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