Healthy and Hearty Diabetic Diet

Healthy and Hearty Diabetic Diet

People with diabetes don't have to live on bland food and neither do they have to get rid of all the carbs from their diabetic diet. All of us love our desserts and pasta, and diabetic patients are no different. The exciting news is that they don't have to let go of these delights as long as they consume everything in moderation and follow an effective exercise regime.

As your doctor would have already told you, the major goal of a diabetic diet is to keep your blood sugar levels under control. And to do this, you need to make small and healthy changes in your lifestyle and eating habits.

As you know, processed foods have excess sodium, fats and sugars hidden in them, which make them unhealthy for everyone. So limiting the consumption of canned and processed food is a good start towards attaining a balanced and efficient diabetic diet.

As already mentioned carbohydrates can be consumed moderately and don't have to be avoided altogether. However, it would be wise to stick close to the healthy carbs like brown rice, potatoes and oats. But then you can also occasionally have your favourite unhealthy carb as long as you club it with lots of veggies and fibrous food.

So how can a person with diabetes satisfy his sweet tooth?

Today the internet is flooded with dessert recipes for diabetic patients and they include the recipes for cookies, brownies and cakes which are low in carbs and processed sugars. Making desserts with fruits and their natural sugars is a smart way of satisfying your cravings in a healthy way. Chef Stacey Harris who is also popularly known as the diabetic pastry chef has penned down lots of delicious recipes that will not make you miss the yummy food in your diabetic meal.

Can a diabetic diet include meat?

Meat lovers can heave a sigh of relief because researchers have found that meat, even red meat, when taken in moderate quantity will not hamper with your blood sugar levels. You can also pick the leaner cuts to reduce the saturated fat you eat and opt for beef obtained from grass-fed animals since they are comparatively a healthier option. Then there is the option of including white meat like poultry, fish and other seafood into your diabetic diet instead of red meat.

A non-starchy diet rich in fruits and vegetables is all you need to bring your blood sugar levels under control. Get imaginative and play around with recipes to design a mouth-watering diabetic diet. A once in a while indulgence in your favourite unhealthy snack is fine as long as it is a small portion. So instead of always worrying about "what to eat" and "what not to eat", follow a diabetic diet plan which will keep you healthy and happy.
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